Hey Abigail
Hey Abigail
Hey Abigail

Collect Points on the Site to Win Prizes!

(*Sigh* life is good)


So, lets face it...sometimes I talk a bit too much, and sometimes the joke just doesn’t come out right. Well (thankfully for you) you can still benefit from those moments. You see, all over the site you can collect points from interacting, like reading a post or watching a video.

Hey Abigail But it doesn’t end there. Hey Abigail is a community. I long for you to not only connect with me but to connect and engage with your friends in a new way, as well as meet new friends. So, you can earn points from creating a profile and using the social media activities on the site.

What in the world do you do with the points?


Great question, my friend. These points are used to collect giveaways and prizes. I will host raffles on the site and you can use your points to enter into raffles as many times as you want. I will also randomly award prizes to the ladies representing the largest number of points.

Here’s a partial list of what you can earn points for: (you will have to interact with the site to learn more ways to get points)

  • Inviting friends to join. If you friend joins, you earn another point. AND (get ready for this) you get a percentage of all the points your friend earns forever.
  • Adding a friend
  • Creating a group
  • Uploading photos
  • Completing your profile
  • Adding/creating a video
  • logging on when it's your Birthday
  • Reading Abigail’s articles or watching her videos (Hey, a little bribe never hurt anyone)
  • Starting a topic in the discussion section under (Girl Talk) or replying to a post.
  • Becoming a fan on Hey Abigail’s twitter and Facebook where I will give you a code for more points!

Go earn those points, girl!