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How do you become a powerful woman?

My dearest ladies,

I hope all is well! I’m so excited to share with you this beautiful question that I recently received.

“ Dear Abigail, and all of those powerful woman out there, how do you become a powerful woman? I mean is it over time, or all of a sudden, do you just say to yourself I am a woman? what does it feel like?  - M.C. ”


It’s such a great question! Because that term “powerful women” and its meaning is thrown around a lot in society sometimes overtly and sometimes subliminally. and I feel as though the real meaning has gotten lost in translation. To be a powerful women do you have to make six figures, wear pencil skirts and red lipstick while simultaneously tossing your hair, talking on your blackberry and sipping on your triple, no foam, extra hot chocolate latte? (All in one breath..whew!) I think not.

Nor does being a powerful women mean snapping your fingers and being a  no nonsense forceful wrath of nature. I think that a truly powerful woman is so much more complex. And the beauty of it is that no matter where we are at in life, our age, etc we all have the opportunity to become powerful women by the choices we make a day at a time.
When thinking about this question I went to Cheri (amazing mom/wife, wise like woah!, friend, amazing writer, mentor). You may remember her amazing insight from our “Finding beauty in the pain” conversation. She gave me this bumper sticker esque quote that I just couldn’t touch. (Granted that would be quite the huge car for the bumper sticker to fit, but nonetheless)

A powerful woman feels deeply, but is not overly-emotional. She works hard, but knows that her career is not her identity. She invests a lot into her relationships, but is not defined by them. She is charming but not manipulative, sweet but not a pushover, caring but not obsessed. She knows how to stand up for herself without being cruel or defensive. She understands that true strength comes from within, where she is centered in the right kind of things and therefore isn’t swayed easily. And you don’t wake up one day and all of a sudden realize that you are a strong woman. You make it happen every moment of every day by making the kind of choices a strong woman makes. Little by little you sew a thread of substance that runs underneath all of who you are. You will know you are strong when you are doing the right thing, even when it is incredibly hard; when you are holding out for a noble man even when there don’t seem to be any out there, when you have clarity around your values despite the moral fog all around, when you are content with little because you are rich in character, when you pick yourself up and keep going even when life pushes you back down because you believe in yourself that much. This is how you know you aren’t just a fragile leaf being blown around by the wind, but a strong tower who is unmovable, even when the the whole world is spinning.

Let that one marinate, grab some chocolate, then re read and post your comments below! What qualities do you think a powerful women possesses?

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Remember we can’t do it alone,


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