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That moment.

That moment when you chase your tail around in a circle and then you realize....you don't even have a tail.

(It sounded far more clever in my head.)

I have been so busy lately trying to get the site prepared for...a makeover! I love makeovers. I love the site. So this = mind blown.

I am so excited to share with you all of the fun and amazing changes that will be taking place on the site. New video segments, better functionality, more content...


these last few days...it hit me. "it" being defined as the reason behind the glitz and glam.

I was struck. Struck with sadness. Struck with hope. Struck with mission.

I was watching Dr. Phil...(every powerful sentence starts this way)

So as I was saying...I was watching Dr. Phil (haters gunna hate)

and I may or may not have been watching a large quantity of episodes. (May being the operative word.)

As I watched these episodes of teen girls acting out...they all had something in common...they had all been violated as young girls. Each struggling to try and gain back the control and ownership they feel they had lost.

It catapolted me somewhere. And that somewhere landed me at the heart of the reason I do what I do. The reason I created this website in the first place.

Women are hurting.

When women don't get the help they need they destroy their lives and relationships.

I am personally not comfortable with the amount of unhealthy females that are walking through life just trying to hold themselves together so they don't fall apart. Women that don't know or understand that they are using their femininity as a weapon. A force to regain the control that they feel they've lost.

I believe that the journey to health is a life long one. And lets face it...some of us have a longer ways to go. (Just being real with it, girl.)

Some of us (*ahem* all of us) need a community.

Need a hug.

Need encouragement.

Need some honest girl talk.

I know that this is just one website. And we are just one team. But if I can help women (even just a bit) along the journey to wholeness...I'm happy.

I love you guys. (Yea...I went there.)

Stay tunes for new amazingness and as always email those questions to questions@braintechnosys.biz/heyabigail.


We can't do it alone,








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