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5 Reasons why every woman should be sassy.

5 reasons why every woman should be sassy.

To those who know me (virtually or otherwise) you know that I love me some….sass.

(Reread that again just to be sure you read it correctly.)

I can often be found putting together sassy outfits, dancing around my living room with Destiny’s Child on repeat, and screaming lyrics at a concert with my mom as I profess my love for the ultimate sass a frass, Pink.

Recently I started thinking about why I so vehemently love this word. Why every time I saw or experienced a sassy woman, my heart smiled.

As the reasons hit me I decided that not only am I proud to be sassy, but I think that every woman should be sassy.

Because a sassy woman…

1.) Always stands up for herself and others.

Growing up a girl you are often told (sometimes implicitly and often by society) to be...nice. You start conceptualizing this to mean that you should be agreeable.

You should apologize. Often.

Don’t make people mad.

Be sweet.


We have taken an honorable characteristic and misrepresented it.

Since when does being kind mean your job is to please others? Why does being kind mean you should risk standing up for yourself and others because you fear making others upset? When did being kind mean that you replace the truth with something agreeable or more socially acceptable?

I agree that a woman should be kind.

And the kindest thing that a woman can do for herself and others is to show and tell them what kind of treatment she expects from them.

He doesn’t want to treat you with respect? A woman with sass shows and tells him that this is not acceptable. This is an opportunity for him to learn how to treat a lady. I mean how kind is that? ;)

2.) Embraces her womanhood

A sassy woman understands that she is a beautiful and desirable creature. She neither runs from this truth, nor exploits it.

She knows that she has inherent power as a woman. This doesn’t scare her and make her want to dive under her bed or hide her beautiful frame. She isn’t afraid to occasionally shake what her momma gave her and work to enhance the features she’s been given. She embraces clothing that feels inherently “her.” She understand that clothing paints a picture of who she is, before she opens her mouth. As a result, she cares.

However, she doesn’t exploit her womanly power. She doesn’t use men to get validation. She doesn’t feel the need to use her femininity and beauty to control or manipulate them.

3.) Is wildly honest and vulnerable

She is frighteningly transparent. You often feel like she bares her soul. She lays it all out on the table. If she were a singer, her name would be...Pink.

She often says what others think. She has been known to call people out when needed.

It’s shocking.

It’s sassy.

It’s necessary.

4.) She’s bold

She isn’t afraid to push boundaries. Conceptually, emotionally, artistically, stylistically.

5.) Is respected

(For the reasons stated above)

Share this with your sassy (and not so sassy) women in your life. It's time for a revolution ladies!
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