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The birth day.

So, it's that day.

The birth day.

The day you celebrate so that it pushes to the side the fact that you are indeed....getting older. While my sorrowful sentiment can't be ignored I must admit that getting older is vital. For the obvious reasons of course...because, well, we have no choice in the matter. But it's vital for me because it propels me. It is a reminder that my time is ticking. It pushes me towards trying to achieve health, wholeness, and beauty. So, as much as I hate getting older and the reminder that I'm not exactly where I want to be, I'm thankful because it's that feeling that pushes me towards growth in the next year.

This year was one of the most testing years of my life. However as a whole I was given the gift of being able to go through life with people whose situations were far far worse than I can ever imagine. I am so thankful for these people that showed and demonstrated strength and character like I never could have imagined. I am thankful that they have helped expand my heart and understanding of the world and of my world.

One of these people is a group of children I have never met. They are a group of orphans in Zambia who are trying to raise money to finish their school. Although I have never physically met them, through working on the non Profit Zume International with my dear friend David Arcos, I have had the opportunity to speak with them. Living in such an individualistic culture I was always blown away by their mindset of not wanting to finish the school for themselves...but for others. Future generations.

I couldn't help but want to journey beside them and help anyway that I could. David and I will be releasing the revised date soon for the international digital benefit race that the orphans are running (and challenging Americans to run with them.) However in the meantime, I would love nothing more than if you could visit the page and watch the story of a boy that has touched my life this past year. If you can't donate to helping him meet his goal. Sharing the page would be so appreciated.

Thank you for being in my life. For shaping my life.


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