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Tuesdays Under $100 look. Edge + Femininity = gold.

It's Tuesday and you know what that means....

A slight increase in mood because we are one day closer to Friday. AND

Your weekly under $100 look. Now I must admit I cheated (just a bit I promise!) because if you do the math the look is over $100. Yet this look can be under $100 if you pick out the basics. I just you the option to splurge and get the accessories as well. (I know, I suck).

I channeled my favorite type of look. One that mixes feminine pieces with edgy pieces. Often people like to categorize people and looks..."Oh, she is totally edgy," "Oh ya she's just all american". Well mix it up girlfriend..confuse them! Don't let them put you or your style in a box. So go for it...mix leather with bows, black nail polish and lace, and black and pink. Sky is the limit.

Stay sassy/classy/but never trashy,


FYI the boots are $30 and the black jeans are now sold out. But any black skinny pants will do :)


Edge + femininity = gold.


VILA knit top
$37 - bestseller.com


Black skinny jeans


Black boots


H M leather clutch
$31 - hm.com


Leather jewelry
$26 - diva.net.au


Friis Company plastic jewelry
$9.26 - shopfriiscompany.com


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