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Hey ladies!

Who doesn't love a little bohemian chic outfit? Well, there are quite a few that say, "me". But for those of you who said "pst no one," this one's for you. Embrace the attitude with the outfit. Carefree, earthy, and don't forget to simply take a deep breath in...(then let it out) and, repeat. :)

Remember we can't do it alone,



Earthy Chic


Buy the items here:

Dorothy Perkins pin dress
$39 - dorothyperkins.com


Platform wedge shoes
$42 - kohls.com


Wet Seal studded handbag
$23 - wetseal.com


Vanessa Mooney hardware jewelry
$26 - stefanibags.com


Forever 21 bangles jewelry
$6.80 - forever21.com



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