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Look Great For Under $100- Jazz up the little black dress

Meet this fashionista.

She bought "a little black dress," because society (and vogue) told her she had to. She decided once and for all that she was not going to be a victim of another shameless magazine article which told her how to act and how to dress. So she whipped out her glasses, bold socks, ring, head wrap, stepped outside and greeted the world with a nod instead of a wave...a fist pump instead of a handshake...and a chest bump instead of a hug. (Just run that visual through your head a few times over....Touche my friend. Touche)

I need to meet this girl.

Stay classy, sassy, but never trashy,


Hey Abigail's Look Great for Under $100



Stripe socks


Lace up bootie
$45 - fashionunion.com


Metal jewelry



Sindt Black


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