Hey Abigail

What in the World is
Hey Abigail You Ask.

Well, Take a Seat For Story Time My Friend.

Hey Abigail (well originally dearabigail.net) was born out of a question. "How in the *?!?*&># do I become a great woman?"

Simple, yet daunting.

I figured other young women might be just as (good word alert) perplexed as I was. So, Hey Abigail was born. It was created to not only be a fun online social media community for young women, but also to be a positive movement. A movement of women who want to journey together, and help each other, become the women we long to be.

Because let’s be honest. How many times are we in a tough spot and we long to seek advice but embarrassment, or fear of being judged, or not having anyone to go to, stops us? I know for me, the answer used to be a lot. But I have since learned the power of community and asking for advice to women who may have gone through my situation before, or they may just be older and wiser. (Sometimes just wiser). So, when you write to me it’s not just “Hey Abigail,” it’s “Hey Abigail and…” (Insert names of many awesome women I goes to for advice).

So, I don’t claim to know all the answers. But I do promise to find the best answers I can give to you. Whether you are wondering if “cyber- dating” is ok these days, or you’re simply having a bad hair day and you need a fix to boost your mood, I’m here girls. I’m here as the big sister you never had, the friend you never seemed to be able to make, and as “that girl” at sleepovers who stayed up until 4:00 in the morning begging to play truth or truth while the other girls threw pillows at her just to get her to be quiet. Like it or not, you got me.

So, let’s quit trying to figure out this “women” stuff alone, and do it together.

Now that I have you pumped from all this motivational talk (yes!) let’s talk housekeeping issues! (No pun intended)

- This site is designed to encourage activity not only with me, but with your friends both new and old! Become a Hey Abigail girl to have a access to your own social media page. And the best part is, you are rewarded with points for interacting on the website! You can use these points to enter into raffles and earn cool prizes.

- Chat with other girls in the forum, play games, give yourself a virtual makeover, watch one Abigail's 5 shows, upload your own videos, talk with me on meebo, listen to the theme song :), the options are endless my friend. (At least that's what I would like to believe). So Enjoy, discover, and welcome to this community!

Remember we can’t do it alone,