Hey Abigail

Meet Abigail

Abigail Mason founded dearabigail.net in 2009 after feeling inspired in her business class to create a positive online community for young women. The brand was picked up for the technology launch of Gabcast.tv with Fred Silverman where Abigail did live shows for teen girls. The brand was changed to Hey Abigail and the new site was born.

Moving from DeWitt MI to LA as the young age of 15 to act with the support of her family, Abigail has worked with HBO, Comedy Central, WB, Disney, FOX, FOX News, Lifetime, and more. Her favorite role (and seemingly furthest from Hey Abigail) was playing the Amish, Lyddie Cotrell in Saving Sarah Cain (Lifetime). Abigail has a passion for acting, business, communications, and writing. She received her BA from UCLA where she studied Communications and Film/TV. She also received her AA in business marketing from College of the Canyons.

Email: questions@heyabigail.com


Meet John

John Bauman is Abigail Mason’s lovely personal manager for acting as well as for Hey Abigail.
Phone: 323-8577274

Email: jbauman@baumanmgt.com

Meet Korey

Korey is Hey Abigail's social media guru. Korey is a graduate of George Mason University and has worked for several companies heading up the social media division. Here at Hey Abigail Korey is loved not only for her sweet skills but also for her lovely attitude and spirit. (I mean the lady loves Bacon Cheese fries and When Harry Met Sally...what's not to love?)

"I enjoy the community atmosphere. I love participating in social media because of its interactive dialogue and that's just what Hey Abigail provides - and specifically to us ladies who lean on each other for encouragement and support!"

Meet Moureen

Moureen is Hey Abigail’s marketing & fashion intern. She is currently studying Marketing at Moorpark college and has a knack and love for all things fashion. Moureen was born in Bangladesh, has a twin sister, and is a sucker for romantic comedies. Along with Moureen’s great skill, her big heart is a big asset to the Hey Abigail community.

“...Not only do I want to graduate and start a great career, but eventually I want to help women in Bangladesh get there too so they too can become strong and independent. I really admire the Hey Abigail motto and what you stand for, to help girls better themselves and their lives. I feel that girls tend to feel lost and insecure too often, and they don't really know their worth and what they're capable of.”

Meet Kelly

Kelly Hoyt is one Hey Abigail’s “go to” counselors for advice on the site. Kelly and Abigail grew up together as dear friends. From a young age Kelly knew she wanted to be a counselor and had a desire to bring healing and wholeness to individuals who were struggling. She attended Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana, and in 2009 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Addictions Counseling. Abigail has always respected Kelly as a wise soul as well as a rare gem, and is excited that Kelly will now be available to all of they Hey Abigail girls. Her expertise, heart, and wisdom will be a big asset to the Hey Abigail community.

Kelly is the second of five children and is now married. (She fell in love with her husband in high school, and they got married when she was just 19). Her husband is a pilot in the US Army, so their life together has been full of adventures. They are looking forward to celebrating their fifth anniversary this summer, and just just had their first baby, a little boy, in October of 2011!

“...The motto "We can't do it alone" is both empowering and humbling, because just as I need to rely on others for advice, perspective and love, I also have the privilege and responsibility to provide those for the people around me. When we give ourselves to others, we get so much more back in return. What a wonderful way to remember that we were created for a purpose - to love and be loved. This site is opening up new ways for us women to be there for each other, and I can't wait to see where it takes us!”